In 2013, we closed 8881 cases – and saved the city over $40 Million!

The Urban Justice Center serves New York City's most vulnerable residents
through a combination of direct legal service, systemic advocacy, community
education and political organizing. Our 11 Projects assist clients on numerous
levels, from one-on-one legal advice in soup kitchens, to filing class action
lawsuits to bring about systemic change, to pushing social justice legislation

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Who We Work With

  • On any given night, there are between 4,000 and 8,000 homeless young people on the streets of New York City, up to 40% of whom identify as LGBTQQ.

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Need Legal Assistance?

Young people in New York City who are homeless or street-involved and under 25 years old can reach us directly by leaving a voicemail at 877- LGBT-LAW (877-542-8529) or by emailing All of our services are free of charge.


Community Resources

Resources and fact sheets coming soon. In the meantime, learn about PCYP’s Community Education and Oral History projects: