PCYP Advisory Board

PCYP is lucky to have a dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about our mission and work. Our advisory board assists PCYP’s director and staff with fundraising, event planning, and communications. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a member, contact PCYP’s director Lee Strock. This is a volunteer body and not a fiduciary board. Our current members are:

Leah Burke, co-chair
Joey Lee, co-chair
Kristen Doyle
Peggy Farber
Kirby Fowle
Daniel Glass
Joshua Glick
Thomas Hammer
Zakiya Lord
Philip V. McCarthy
Marlon Meikle
Eric Motika
Jean-François Parizeau
Adam Pietrala
Adian Simpson
Jeffrey Trachtman
Hunter Vanaria
Carol Wang
Stephanie Wang
Jay Williams
Jarret Yoshida