Major Donors

Individual donations are critical to sustaining PCYP’s work. Your personal gift will help LGBTQQ youth struggling on the streets of New York City to access free, respectful legal services in an environment that allows them to safely and comfortably meet their survival needs.

Peter's Circle is a community of PCYP's most generous supporters who have given or pledged over $500 annually. Peter's Circle members will receive special updates and be offered unique opportunities to get involved with and support our work. Join Peter's Circle and sustain PCYP's work by clicking here.


Peter’s Circle


Champions (giving $10,000+)

Joy Tomchin

Visionaries (giving $5,000+)

Lena Dunham

Peggy Farber

Kevin and Rie Haggerty

Tracy Higgins and James Leitner

Jenni Konner

Jeffrey Trachtman

Partners (giving $2,500+)

Carey Donly

Leaders (giving $1,000+)

Katrina Baker

James F. Battaglia, Ph.D.

Kurt M. Denk

Joshua Glick

Thomas Hammer

Lubbie X. Harper

Robert Johnson and Hector Contreras

Douglas Marron

Ben Francisco Maulbeck

Stephen Simcock

Jonathan Springer

Edward Stillman

James Rosenberg

Hunter Vanaria

Carol Wang

Members (giving $500+) 

Leah Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coleman

Matt Cipolla

Darren Cohen

Erin Costello and Rina Othman

Kristen and Greg Doyle

Christian Ewing

Jeanmarie Fenrich

Bronwyn Fenton

Ken M. Haggerty

Antony Philip Falconer Gemmell and Everett Hollander

Robert Grunnah

Nelson Fernandez

Greg Horowitz

Seth Marnin

Philip V. McCarthy

Jason Moff and Clint Ramos

Eric Motika and Johsua David McKenney

Lisa Neunder & Marc Corsiglia

Trenton Norris and John Calhoun

Adam Pietrala and Jay Williams

Susan Plum

Daniel Reyes and Oscar Valencia

Michael Sanderson

Paul M. Smith

Professor Aviam Soifer

Elizabeth and Luke Southerlan

Dan Stone

Eric Tirschwell

Adejoke Tugbiyele

Stephanie Wang

Professor Joan Williams and James Dempsey